Just before my 21st my fiance who was 24 at the time died from  prostate cancer. All our plans hope and dream all of a sudden we’re no  more. Almost dropped out of school in my final year. But that would not  serve me, so I finished and became a Systems Engineer. Within a year I  was married, crazy! Within 10 I was divorced with four kids, my youngest  was 17 months old at the time. Again returned to work. Continued  studying, two more divorces, lost count  in the number of house shifts, but I think it was about 12 in ten years.  Yoga was sanity, and life balance, I would teach 4 classes a week, work  full time as a project engineer in oil and gas, and have teenagers at  home. Started a business that almost sent me bankrupt, people said I was  strong, to weather the storms. But within me, I found a strength that  no one could take away, and regardless of all the storms I weathered I  was always grateful to be able to assist others. Provided you have your  health, you can deal with anything, we too quickly forget that our inner  strength is our wealth! Money comes and goes, but what we have within  may lay dormant to once again flourish like the change of seasons, where  new growth comes forth, regardless of what we endure. Like a tree, who  shed leaves we shed tears and with spring new growth bursts through, for  us, it is once again the joy in life and its amazing wonders.  I am  grateful for each new day, as that day brings forth joy, wonders and  mysteries. It’s those mysteries and how we view them that can dull our  world or make it shine. Be the sun in your world, don’t let anyone, nor  anything shakes your world. You are the only one that gives your power  away, you are in your head no one else, even if at times it fills like  there is. Find out how to achieve your inner strength, It is your right,  not your destination.