Stress is both a requirement and a fact of life which enables people to have a productive and fulfilling life. Its when stress becomes an outlier on a bell curve that the issues are created. Any event which the human is incapable of dealing with, will create the trigger that will trigger the emotional response, which, when left undealt with will cause the physiological response.

The appropriate tools, and knowledge of the triggers, will enable the person to either circumvent the situation from spiraling down the rabbit hole, or give the person the recognition to ensure that the time of distressed is minimized when these tools are applied.

There is no magic pill, but once these tools and self-awareness are learned, people report a healthier, happier outlook in life. This increases their work output, decreases rework, decreases friction amongst colleague’s and creates a supportive and collaborative work and life environment. There is no escaping change, however change can be acted upon by the individual, rather than reacted upon.